We're originated from Exa Information Technology LLC which has nearly two decades of practical market experience in web-hosting services and solutions industry within Saudi Arabia,

we've realized the high demand for cloud hosting in GCC and MENA area, and in light of highly expensive costs for hosting cloud many startups and SMEs can't host their business near to their customers and suffer from the high latency caused by distance hosted cloud

We've started Sadeem to help developers in MENA and GCC area to host their applications near their target customers, with a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and cost. We even adopted the Pay as you go concept, so you can scale up when there is demand and cut costs down when your customer's activity starts to slow down.


We love astronomy so much, we are fascinated by the cosmos wonders, and what is more splendid than a nebula? This where we got our name 'Sadeem' it’s the Arabic word for nebula.